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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Thoughts after the morning discussion group (May 7th 2017)

I was thinking about the idea of vulnerability. A word we talked about in the morning discussion group in terms of the vulnerability of the researcher. Thinking about vulnerability I started to think about its connection to fear. Does vulnerable have to be connected to fear? Is fear always detrimental? The word (vulnerable) can be to do with fear, defencelessness and weakness. But there is also something about the vulnerability we cultivate as artists which is about being open, exposed and sensing. I wonder how at are ‘open’ as researchers. One of BAPP students has been inquiring into vulnerability in her practice


  1. First of all I would love to thank Helen and Adesola for their constant guidance and support throughout our Module 1 and Module 2. Today, I am able to articulate my feelings through this blog is only because of their guidance and encouragement.
    Sunday skype chat was very interesting as it touched many topics. We all had so much to say especially after reading Adesola and Helen's blogs about "feedback' and 'what is holding you?'
    We started off with the most important topic of our learning process.."FEEDBACK"...whether it should be one way or two ways??
    Some of us felt cultural background or the traditional beliefs were holding us back to consider 'feedback' from our leaders as transactional( two-way). I thought feedback guides us to improve our learning and understand where we are lacking. In this learning process there are times when some of us felt vulnerable may be that was out of the fear of unknown or frustration or feeling inadequate. However, Helen's encouraging words inspired us to believe in ourselves and work truthfully to the best of our abilities.
    Further our discussion was directed towards ethical implications on our research outcomes. I learnt that as a researcher ethical decisions should not be based on what is advantageous to the researcher,rather it should be based on collective consciousness of the participants and the parents involved. Adesola Explained further that ethical consideration depends upon the context of our professional practice,for example, using non-traditional music for classical Ballet choreography depends on where it is performed the context and the audience. Being in 21st century, the audience might appreciate the creativity or may not. We as a researchers should develop OPEN-MINDEDNESS to accept the change or shift in other's perception and most importantly to focus on our effective communication skills as a teacher, researcher in our prfoessional practice. As that plays a crucial role in building trust and relationship with our participants.
    Module 1 students were patiently listening to our conversations until we shifted our discussion towards ares of learning and its content. Helen and Adesola have categorically mentioned several times that word count in our essays are just to give us an idea about the length it could be + or - 10%. More than that it is the quality of our content in our essays that matters. Then we discussed about how important it is to motivate our students? Taking opinions from everyone we concluded that both teacher and students are equally responsible to be motivated in our professional practice and that comes only with 'DISCIPLINE'.
    Last but not the least, considering every module I think our learning never ends...there is always so much more to learn. "Learning involves the integrated functioning of the whole person, thinking, feeling, perceiving, and behaving, thus learning is not the result of cognition but a HOLISTIC process of adaptation to the world" Kolb (2005:194)

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