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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Summer Intensive - August book now - only a few places!!!

Here is the information about our exciting Summer Intensive this year (August 14-18th 2017). The Intensive is a week long bringing together somatic movement and art practices and writing. It is a great way to explore your voice in dance scholarship and practice. Or focus in on something you want to write or create. The link below will take you to a site where you can find out more about the course. 
(It is also nice to note that you can book accommodation at theUniversity for as little as £20 a night right here  in London!) Hope to see you in August. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Adesola and Helen


  1. It was indeed a very productive week for me at Middlesex University campus attending summer intensive during 14-18th August 2017.
    Exploring mind and body through Bartenieff Fundamentals and Gyrokinesis was very new to me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed observing the connections of my breath with different levels of movements, 6 limb integration and how my body created balance as I moved in space. This fluidity of breath is considered as "Prana" in our religious beliefs.
    Further, it was very interesting and informative to learn about finding freedom within a framework of literature review, its methods, mind-mapping, methodology and the way to direct our thoughts towards critical thinking, challenges of beginner's mindset, creating an individualistic voice.  As Helen rightly said
    "There should be space for multiple methods, perspectives meaning not only in dance but in the world as a whole".  These aspects were emphasized in our field trip to British Library, and Tate Modern.
    Watching inspiring youtube videos planted the seed of thought about real life stories, experiences. I realized how important for any artist to communicate their feelings either verbally or non-verbally.  Unfortunately many artists struggle to make their voice heard.  In my opinion each dancer or an artist must work individually yet stay connected collectively sharing positive energy to attain one common goal.."finding bliss in creativity"
    Many Many thanks to Adesola and Helen for organizing this incredible summer course. This course has indeed enriched my understanding about research as well as articulating dancer's practical knowledge. 

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    2. It was a great week and wonderful group of artists working together for five days.